Organise your student life in the City!

keep-calm-and-enjoy-student-life-3Especially if you are studying and want to get the most out of your studies, organisation is a must when living in a great and busy city like London. It’s not a secret that being dazzled by the concept of “perfect life”,  but  keeping the balance between studies and partying, is not easy when you find yourself clustered round thousands of options for entertainment.

No matter if you come from overseas, or another city in the UK is always useful to plan carefully your life bearing in mind essential tips to succeed both, in having fun and studying.

Rule #1 – Don’t expect that everything is just like at home

Expectation by itself is something tricky, so if you think that comparison will not damage by any means your recent new-move, be careful. It’s a mistake to think that everything will be exactly the same as if you are in your hometown.

Something frequently associated with living in a big city and the lack of spare time, is the fact that most of the people feel alone and isolated. It happens because everyone is always in a hurry, less inclined to talk to each other. But for a student who lives in a student accommodation or in a flatshare it’s likely that this feeling will get away in the first month, once you will have more chances to meet new people with the same routine and aspirations as yours.

Rule # 2 – Language and culture: get out of your comfort zone

If English is not your mother tongue, that’s the first obstacle you will face. Language barriers can be hard or a continuous process, it totally depends on your goals. If you choose a continuous-smooth process, you should not be afraid to ask as much as possible for clarification. Join meetups and events to connect with other students, it will help you to improve your English skills as well as make new friends.

You have to have the same attitude towards cultural matters if you want to learn what makes sense, what’s different from your culture and what’s totally wrong, so you don’t put yourself to blush when a native tells you that your gesture or words are rude. Cultural misunderstandings are also funny, but they can become problems if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Research about the local culture and observe what others do, and how they do it.

Rule # 3 – London never stops. Neither should you

If you are more into parties, then you probably are the kind of person that torture yourself if you miss a special party where all of your friends would be. On the other hand, if you are more studious you are likely to dismiss anything related to having fun just to learn a bit more.

Remember to keep the balance! You must relax and do some activities apart from studying, but don’t party too hard if you have short deadlines, assignments and exams at your school or university. This city never stops and you will have plenty of time to enjoy as many parties as possible.

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¿Por qué los cursos (gratuitos) online son tan populares?

El incremento en los precios de la educación superior está llevando a mucha gente a buscar alternativas más asequibles. Gracias a la tecnología y la globalización, las maneras de estudiar y mantenernos actualizados evolucionan día a día, trayendo soluciones de aprendizaje a distancia como son los Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online

Estudia desde donde quieras, sin gastar una fortuna

Los MOOCs o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online presentan  un modelo sencillo de distribuir contenidos online a cualquier persona que quiera aprender diferentes temas, dándole la oportunidad de estudiar desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.

Miles de estudiantes de todo el mundo tienen la oportunidad de conectarse al mismo curso, y aprender de tutores cualificados con métodos interactivos como videoconferencias, cuestionarios, evaluaciones, foros, y mucho más; dependiendo del MOOC o Curso Masivo Abierto Online que hayan elegido.

Los cursos online, que ofrece los MOOCs o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online, son tan efectivos como los cursos presenciales. La mayoría de los MOOCs o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online tiene fechas específicas de comienzo y finalización, y solo serán accesibles durante esa fecha, por eso podrías tener fechas límites para entregar las tareas asignadas.

Si te interesa aprender cosas nuevas, o actualizar tus conocimientos, echa un vistazo a los principales proveedores de MOOCs  o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online del mercado.


Coursera es una plataforma de educación que está asociada con las principales universidades y organizaciones mundiales para ofrecer cursos online gratuitos a la población mundial. Los cursos empiezan de manera regular y están disponibles en una amplia variedad de temas. Además, muchos cursos ofrecen un certificado firmado por el instructor del curso, o un certificado desde la universidad patrocinadora.


Hoy en día, alrededor de 3 millones de estudiantes en 190 países están haciendo un curso online con Udemy, que ofrece más de 16.000 cursos tanto gratis como pagando. Udemy ofrece MOOCs o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online en casi todos los temas permitiendo a cualquier persona construir un curso, por eso las cualidades varían.


Edx combina el poder de las principales universidades para ofrecer clases online interactivas y MOOCs o Cursos Masivos Abiertos Online impartidos por las mejores universidades mundiales. La mayor parte de las ofertas iniciales se centran en temas de ciencia y tecnología.

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Why (free) online courses are awesome?

The increasing cost of higher education is leading people to find more affordable alternatives, and thanks to technology and globalisation, the ways of studying and keeping ourselves up-to-date have been expanding day-by-day bringing solutions on distance learning such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Don’t spend fortunes anymore, and  study from wherever you prefer

MOOCs represent an easy model to delivering learning content online to any person who wants to learn about different topics, giving the opportunity to study anywhere, at any time. Thousands of students worldwide have the chance to connect at the same course, and learn from qualified tutors with interactive methods such as video-lectures, quizzes, assessments, online forums, and more – depending on which MOOC you have chosen.

The online courses offered by MOOCs, provide you with a structure where you can expect to be as effective as face–to–face courses. Most MOOCs have start dates and end dates and are accessible only during that time, so you might have deadlines to deliver your assignments.

If you are keen to learn something new, or refresh your knowledge, check it out the top MOOCs providers in the market:


Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Classes start regularly and are available in a wide breadth of subjects and many courses offer a certificate signed by the instructor or a certificate from the sponsoring university.


Today, 3 million students in 190 countries are taking online courses on Udemy which offers more than 16,000 courses, some are free others are paid. Udemy offers MOOCs on just about every subject allowing anyone to build a course, so quality varies.


Udacity is a unique collection of MOOCs, mostly related to computers science, artificial intelligence and robotics. Learners are encouraged to progress by solving problems and completing projects.


Edx combines the power of top universities to offer interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Many of the initial offerings focused on science and technology topics.

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10 amazing items from unusual shops

You probably know already the best tourist attractions including a list containing tons of must-see shops to go and shop till you have no money left, right? Wicked! Officially: “Welcome to London.”

Fortunately we love diversity and uniqueness, so what you will see in this article is a very special wishlist made for those looking for unusual and special shops throughout the city.

Click here to see our wishlist

How to get THE perfect job?

United Kingdom unemployment rate decreased to 6.6% in the first three months of 2014. Especially in London, the job market has nearly ten times more vacancies than other UK cities with 25,000 Londoners employed between October and December 2013.

Different reasons encourage people to seek a new job, switch careers, or consider a new move. Apart from a positive scenario, what most people forget about is how to be fully prepared to win job search competition. With hundreds of candidates applying for the same vacancy, it becomes crucial to stand out from the crowd.

TLS recruitment department has pointed out how to have the essential preparation when looking for a dream job. “Not only in UK and Spain, but also in international markets some common mistakes are still key factor when deciding who is the right candidate,” said our HR Recruitment Manager.

CV: Keep it simple

Clearly there is no “right or wrong” when writing your CV, but you should be able to concentrate all information in two pages at most. Create a resume showing at a glance your qualifications, skills, and suitability for positions you are applying for.

CV formats also vary and could be very advantageous if you create a video, PowerPoint presentation, or use a professional website (e.g Behance, DevianArt,, etc) to support your standard “Word CV”.

Golden rule: never lie or try to show off too much

Don’t be afraid, cover letters are cool

Your covering letter should be a supporting document not a copy of your CV; neither have a generic content on it, nor address to the wrong person. When writing your covering letter bear in mind the following aspects:

  • Mention the position you are applying for and how did you hear about the company/vacancy
  • Outline why you are suitable for the role, trying to match with any of your previous experiences
  • Explain why do you want to work for that company and make yourself available to discuss your qualifications in detail

Golden rule: fully understand job requirements before creating a tailor made covering letter

Use keywords but don’t be a superhero

Recruiters receive tons of CVs, so use keywords they are looking for – you know it by reading company’s job spec – avoiding overusing it. Don’t exaggerate.

Golden rule: double check grammar mistakes in your CV before sending it

Be prepared and do your homework

Even though it sounds cliché, it’s a fact that most candidates don’t research about company’s profile and background. Once you are the one knowing more about the company compared to other candidates, it will show interest to recruiters. By doing it, you are not just preparing yourself for the interview but you can also find out if this is the right company for you. Oh, and don’t forget – please – to study your own CV; last thing you need is demonstrate that you are not prepared to talk about your own professional background.

Golden rule: at face-to-face interviews consider your main accomplishments during your career trying to show how it can bring value to the company

Be different

Ask questions, be proud of what you have accomplished in your career so far, dress to impress, and be inquisitive, creating a dialogue that allows you to show your personality and skills in more detail.

Golden rule: follow up your interview with a brief courtesy/thank you email confirming your interest

Curious facts about English

According British Council, English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million people. For those speaking English as a foreign language, numbers increase to an impressive mark of around 750 million.

It’s the main language of international competitions, academic conferences, books, advertising, and important everyday affairs.

But what about curious facts that we don’t, necessarily, need to know or teachers don’t teach at school? Check it out what we have found:

Curious facts about English


If you are curious to see even more, check some great websites like Rense, Say it in English and Oxford University Press

Affittare a Londra : appartamento singolo o condiviso?

L’appartamento condiviso, piú comunemente conosciuto come flat-sharing, è una pratica molto comune, specialmente in Europa. Giovani provenienti da tutto il mondo scelgono di condividere case e appartamenti al fine di trovare opzioni a prezzi accessibili e avere la possibilitá allo stesso tempo di vivere in quartieri sicuri, situati in zone centrali e con servizi pubblici facilmente accessibili, senza per questo dover pagare prezzi proibitivi.

Meno burocrazia, molti piu giovani

Spesso sono giovani d’età compresa tra i 18 e i 30 anni, che si trovano a Londra per studiare o per lavorare. Durante la settimana hanno una vita molto impegnata a livello scolastico-lavorativo ma nel tempo libero amano divertirsi. Per loro l’appartamento condiviso è un’occasione unica per conoscere persone, stabilire nuovi rapporti d’amicizia e crescre a livello personale grazie anche alla conoscenza approfondita di altre culture.

Un altro dei motivi per cui queste persone optano per la condivisione è legato al procedimento meno burocratico rispetto ad altre opzioni affituarie. Affittare una stanza è una procedura molto semplice e non richiede un numero smisurato di documenti, anche se questo dipende molto da agenzia ad agenzia.

Fate attenzione alla vostra scelta!

Diffidate da agenzie che affittano camere a prezzi molto al di sotto della media di mercato. Per evitare spiacevoli sorprese, scegliete agenzie con un vasto portafoglio e preferibilmente con una struttura aziendale consolidata, alla quale ci si possa appoggiare per qualsiasi problema. Alcuni imprevisti, come per esempio, l’improvviso malfunzionamento della connessione internet, potrebbero accadere durante il vostro soggiorno e l’ultima cosa che vorrete è occuparvi personalmente di questi inconvenienti.

Chiedete al vostro agente quante più domande possibili , assicuratevi che tutti i dubbi siano stati chiariti prima di procedere con un eventuale contratto e se possibile visitate di persona la sede della compagnia cosí da poter incontrare l’intero team disposto ad aiutarvi durante il vostro soggiorno a Londra.