Alternatives to “cliche” public transports in London


We know that the Underground, buses, Overground and the DLR are unbeatable means of public transport allowing you to reach furthest from central London.

But what if you feel tired of your commuting routine? Well, don’t stress out because we have good tips for your survival. Some of them are a bit expensive, some of them are free, but the most important thing is to have as many options as possible.

Alternative 1: Barclays Bikes

Barclays cycles were launched on July 2010 by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London. Transport for London group is responsible for 8.300 bikes and 570 cycles stations in all over London.

How to use it: go to the nearest docking station with your credit or debit card in order to hire a bike. Follow the steps on the screen and borrow one.

Why?:  Is very cheap hiring a bike and for a period under 30 minutes, all your journey is free. Besides, you can travel by bike safely on the superhighways from out London into Central London. It is a safe, cheap and healthy alternative for commuting.

Alternative 2: River Bus

The river buses are a fast and frequent service from early morning until early evening.

How to use it: you can catch the River Bus at several places. There are different routes like Embankment – Woolwich Arsenal, Bankside – St George Wharf, London Bridge – Canary Wharf, Canary Wharf – Hilton Docklands, North Greenwich – Woolwich Arsenal and Putney – Blackfriars.

Why?: Is very comfortable to travel by River Buses and you will find some services like wi-fi and refreshments. Generally you need to buy your ticket before boarding but you can also buy it on board. The Oyster pay as you go is accepted and it gives you a 10 per cent discount on most single journeys.

Alternative 3: The Emirates Air Line

The Emirates Air Line is a unique transport to enjoy a great view and it is an amazing ride across the Thames.

How to use it: you can catch the Air Line between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks. This line was launched in June 2012 and it is operated by Transport for London.

Why?: if you are going to a concert at O2 arena, want to appreciate a good view or are just trying to flirt with someone, we definitely recommend you to try it. If you have an Oyster card you can get some discounts for the boarding pass price.

All of these alternative transports allow you to discover, and enjoy London. Try one of them and appreciate your daily journey!


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