Combating Homesickness

From CNN website

Have you already felt grief, depression or nostalgia when you were abroad? Suddenly the dream of a very exciting holiday travel, a new life in a new country or a dreamed internship abroad was left behind.

Is this situation sounding familiar to you?

Homesickness in detail

Homesickness can happen at anytime and anywhere. It is common in youth but it could be experienced by anyone.  This distress is caused by a separation from the home environment or attachment objects. People can be depressed by a new environment or foreign cultural contexts, being more likely to feel bad and more sensitive to miss the native country those not used to travel.

Some advices before leaving your country

1) Before coming to London – which is a massive city – , research about all aspects of the lifestyle and be honest asking yourself: is that what I want for my life?

2) Find communities on the internet with people already living here and ask them about the aspects of your desired routine. Internet is an effective way to palliate this distress once you keep the link with family and friends. Thanks to many different messengers available to download for free, you can have an access to your native country easily.

3) If you have the chance, visit the country before moving and spend some days to “feel” the environment. See if it’s going to be hard to get used to the weather, culture and people around your future routine.

4) When booking your accommodation, ask the agents about every single aspect of your room and desired flat/house. We are here to support you during the moving process.

5) If you are coming to study/work, make sure you sign the contract prior coming to London. It’s a way to ensure a commitment with the company or the English school.

6) Think positively. Time flies. This will help you overcome any obstacles.

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