Here, There and Throughout UK: The Pub Culture

If you are coming to United Kingdom the number of pubs on the streets can surprise you. Although the total number of pubs dropped, 57.071 were the number of pubs in UK in 2008.

A pub is a fundamental drinking establishment to the UK social culture for over two and a half centuries according to “UK Pubs and Public Houses”.

 The first pub known in the UK history appeared when the Romans were coming to England and established the road network. It was called a “taberna”, where the travellers could obtain a drink and a meal.

Nowadays, the pubs are very popular and extremely common on the streets. Drinking sessions are organised after working hours, popularly known as “happy hours” when you can also find some pubs with discounts for a pint of beer or other drinks.

But the pub is not only a place for drinking…

Pubs are also a place to catch up with friends and family. There are many types of pubs where you can watch a football game, listen to music, discover a wide range of beers and obviously spend good time.

The “pub lunch” is very famous and you cannot come to London without tasting one of several English recipes like the famous fish and chips or homemade burger!

When in London

 If you are looking for a traditional or a new pub in this massive city, you won’t be disappointed. In each area, you can find a perfect place to have fun!

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