Rental in London: flat or flatshare?

Flat-sharing is a very common practice around the world, specially in Europe. Young people from all over the world choose to share houses or flats in order to find affordable options where they can, at the same time, live in good neighbourhoods, close to public transports and other amenities without paying too much.

Less bureaucracy and many young people

Frequently, these people are aged between 18 and 30 years coming to London to study or to work. They enjoy having fun during their spare time but they also have responsibilities during the week. This is a gold opportunity to meet people, establish a friendship and develop themselves by knowing other cultures.

One of the main reasons why these people are attracted for flatshare is because is less bureaucratic than other renting processes in London. Although it depends from agency to agency, the process is very simple and you don’t have to come with tons of documents to book a room.

But attention for your choice!

If you find other companies renting rooms for prices way below the average in the market, it could be suspicious. Choose agencies with a good portfolio, preferably with a great corporate structure to serve you. Unexpected issues could happen during your stay and you don’t want to have bad experience or even don’t have a clue of what do if your internet suddenly stop working, for example.

Ask to your agent as many questions as possible, make sure your doubts are clarified and visit the company’s office. By doing that, you ensure that you will have a whole team willing to help you during your stay in London.

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