Guaranteed Rent: private tenants?

Recent researches show that high private landlords are increasingly refusing to let property to tenants on benefits. Still, a survey of London landlords conducted by the Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) has found that almost 60% of its members are standing by their housing benefit tenants.

A couple of landlords, Fergus and Judith Wilson, became famous in England a decade ago for plunging into buy-to-let on such large scale – estimated figures, not confirmed by them, say they own between 700 – 1000 properties. The Wilsons said in a recent interview that they are owed £800,000 in rent by hundreds of tenants on benefits.


Source: National Landlords Association  

Unlike many estate agencies in the market, at TLS Group we don’t have tenants on housing benefits. Our database is composed of 90% of young people coming from overseas to London to study or to work.


TLS Group has many years of experience in letting and property management, working with specialists providing excellent services and results to landlords and tenants across London.

Our tenants can rely on our expertise; our portfolio is constantly increasing and we have more than 70 properties throughout London with a maintenance system, supporting them 24/365.

If you are a landlord and your property is located within zones 1-3, we would like to hear from you. We have a 24h free property valuation and we could offer you a guaranteed rental scheme up to 5 years.

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