Avoid your property being empty

Source: London Evening Standard

The number of empty homes across London in 2012 was 72,457 for a total worth of £3 billion and most of them in the process of being sold. Selling a property can take several months and sometimes years giving you nothing but losses and costs with maintenance, taxes and lost rental income.

To make the situation even worse, last month Islington Council announced a serious positioning considering the introduction of fines up £60,000 upon owners and landlords that buy new build homes and do not rent out or live in them. This action could be adopted across the city significantly decreasing the number of empty homes, being the council the first to propose this policy to end “buy-to-leave” in new build homes in the borough.

It’s time to act! Sell your property faster by occupying in the meantime

Empty houses sell typically slower and for less money than occupied houses. Our product Sales + is designed for landlords wishing to sell their properties but, at the same time, can’t afford to lose rental income. We can avoid your property being empty by letting it in the meantime and dealing with tenants relocation within our portfolio if you sell your property.

We have special offer designed for you. Contact us today for a FREE valuation!

Picture:  London Evening Standard


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