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We are proud of being a multicultural team, working day-by-day to improve our services and offer an integrated solution to our clients. We always encourage our tenants to share their experience with us, so we can always have an accurate feedback on how we are doing and if the outcome is matching with our client’s high standard requirements.

Mikael Faro

Mikael Faro, TLS client


Mikael Faro is a TLS client for over two years. He has been living in a flat near to all amenities he needs on a daily basis, as well as good connections to buses and tube station. The Italian young guy came to our office in Old Street last week in order to renew his contract and share how satisfied he is: “I am very pleased with everything TLS is offering me. As I am very busy or working most part of the time, when I needed, I’ve easily reported the issue through your online system, which saved me a lot of time”.

He is also more than happy with his flatmates: “My flatmates are amazing. Whenever I can, I enjoy spending a good time or relaxing with them, it’s such a nice experience.”

Thanks to clients like Mikael, Mariana, Victor, Patrick and so many others, we feel excited to continue improving the quality of our services. And you? Would you like to share your experience with us? Let us know!


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