Organise your student life in the City!

keep-calm-and-enjoy-student-life-3Especially if you are studying and want to get the most out of your studies, organisation is a must when living in a great and busy city like London. It’s not a secret that being dazzled by the concept of “perfect life”,  but  keeping the balance between studies and partying, is not easy when you find yourself clustered round thousands of options for entertainment.

No matter if you come from overseas, or another city in the UK is always useful to plan carefully your life bearing in mind essential tips to succeed both, in having fun and studying.

Rule #1 – Don’t expect that everything is just like at home

Expectation by itself is something tricky, so if you think that comparison will not damage by any means your recent new-move, be careful. It’s a mistake to think that everything will be exactly the same as if you are in your hometown.

Something frequently associated with living in a big city and the lack of spare time, is the fact that most of the people feel alone and isolated. It happens because everyone is always in a hurry, less inclined to talk to each other. But for a student who lives in a student accommodation or in a flatshare it’s likely that this feeling will get away in the first month, once you will have more chances to meet new people with the same routine and aspirations as yours.

Rule # 2 – Language and culture: get out of your comfort zone

If English is not your mother tongue, that’s the first obstacle you will face. Language barriers can be hard or a continuous process, it totally depends on your goals. If you choose a continuous-smooth process, you should not be afraid to ask as much as possible for clarification. Join meetups and events to connect with other students, it will help you to improve your English skills as well as make new friends.

You have to have the same attitude towards cultural matters if you want to learn what makes sense, what’s different from your culture and what’s totally wrong, so you don’t put yourself to blush when a native tells you that your gesture or words are rude. Cultural misunderstandings are also funny, but they can become problems if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Research about the local culture and observe what others do, and how they do it.

Rule # 3 – London never stops. Neither should you

If you are more into parties, then you probably are the kind of person that torture yourself if you miss a special party where all of your friends would be. On the other hand, if you are more studious you are likely to dismiss anything related to having fun just to learn a bit more.

Remember to keep the balance! You must relax and do some activities apart from studying, but don’t party too hard if you have short deadlines, assignments and exams at your school or university. This city never stops and you will have plenty of time to enjoy as many parties as possible.

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