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How to save money living in London?

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, but it’s certainly not one of the cheapest. Many people wonder how to save money living in London and indeed there are essential tips you can follow.

  • Accommodation

For many people, it’s very difficult to arrive in London and start living in their own flat right away. In this case would be a solution to find a nice flatshare with friendly flat mates. It is often a great way to save some cash and meet cool people within days. Choose for all bills included contracts and don’t worry about further expenses apart from your monthly rent.

  • Travelling & Commuting

Walking is a fun and eco-friendly way to get around London! But if you need to use public transport then consider using an Oyster card with a season ticket rather than buying daily or weekly travel card. Or rely on TLS Group to show you how to save up to 80% of your monthly expenses.

  •  Having fun

There are so many things to do in London and it might seem that all of it is expensive, but having fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Searching on the web you can find a lot of museums, parks, events and activities that are either cheap or totally free.  TLS Clients can also enjoy London with TLS Support.

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Forget about the Tube…

Alpha Motorcycle

A worker spend an average of six hours a week travelling with London underground to and from work and spends between £30 and £40 in travelling expenses per week. Using a motorbike you can see a reduction of up to 50% of the time travelling and up to 80% reduction of the monthly expenses – not to mention the felling of freedom that is impossible to have if you are relying on public transport.

To drive a motorbike in UK first you need to pass the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). It is a preliminary vehicular training course which must be completed and remains valid for two years upon completion. The tests involve eyesight check, practical on-site and on-road training and riding.

A little help from TLS and Alpha Motorcycle

Every TLS client is eligible to take advantage of special offers and prices. We like helping and if you want to pass your CBT, we link you with the best training in London and fantastic offers. At Alpha Motorcycle they will provide you with the highest quality motorcycle training at all levels and every TLS client will have a discount in the CBT course; moreover if you choose the “Full Motorcycle Licence Package” you will have a free motorcycle helmet worth £75*.

If after passing your CBT test you still don’t feel like buying a motorbike they are also providing a motorcycle hire service with really competitive prices offering a large variety of motorbikes both automatic and manual.

Hurry up and ask for more information about the offers right now!

* T’s & C’s apply.

Fancy earning extra money?


No hidden tricks: the more you refer more money you can earn.

How it works?

  • If you refer 1-10 friends, you get £25 per booking.
  • If you refer more than 10 friends, you get £50 per booking.

Even more: your friend will also have a discount of £10 per week during their stay.

All TLS Clients are entitled to participate! Contact us today to learn more.

T’s & C’s apply.