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What’s the best way to contact us?

We are here to support you as much as we can! Find out what is the best way to contact us:

  • Lettings Department

If you are looking for a room or by any reason you want to transfer to any other property within our portfolio, the best team to help you is our Lettings Department.

Phone #: 020 3551 7615

  • Customer Service

Do you have anything at your house to fix? With our efficient system you can report the issue and our team will sort out as soon as possible.

Go to , follow the instructions and create a ticket.

  • Newsletters, Blog and Social Media

Learn more about everything you need to know when living in UK and don’t miss the most exciting events happening in the city. Join our community and stay tuned!




FAQ: How Many Languages Do You Speak?

Well, we must say: at least 5 languages – English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French

That is the reason why sometimes you will see some articles in different languages.

If you have any question, leave us a message and we will reply asap! 🙂