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Affittare a Londra : appartamento singolo o condiviso?

L’appartamento condiviso, piú comunemente conosciuto come flat-sharing, è una pratica molto comune, specialmente in Europa. Giovani provenienti da tutto il mondo scelgono di condividere case e appartamenti al fine di trovare opzioni a prezzi accessibili e avere la possibilitá allo stesso tempo di vivere in quartieri sicuri, situati in zone centrali e con servizi pubblici facilmente accessibili, senza per questo dover pagare prezzi proibitivi.

Meno burocrazia, molti piu giovani

Spesso sono giovani d’età compresa tra i 18 e i 30 anni, che si trovano a Londra per studiare o per lavorare. Durante la settimana hanno una vita molto impegnata a livello scolastico-lavorativo ma nel tempo libero amano divertirsi. Per loro l’appartamento condiviso è un’occasione unica per conoscere persone, stabilire nuovi rapporti d’amicizia e crescre a livello personale grazie anche alla conoscenza approfondita di altre culture.

Un altro dei motivi per cui queste persone optano per la condivisione è legato al procedimento meno burocratico rispetto ad altre opzioni affituarie. Affittare una stanza è una procedura molto semplice e non richiede un numero smisurato di documenti, anche se questo dipende molto da agenzia ad agenzia.

Fate attenzione alla vostra scelta!

Diffidate da agenzie che affittano camere a prezzi molto al di sotto della media di mercato. Per evitare spiacevoli sorprese, scegliete agenzie con un vasto portafoglio e preferibilmente con una struttura aziendale consolidata, alla quale ci si possa appoggiare per qualsiasi problema. Alcuni imprevisti, come per esempio, l’improvviso malfunzionamento della connessione internet, potrebbero accadere durante il vostro soggiorno e l’ultima cosa che vorrete è occuparvi personalmente di questi inconvenienti.

Chiedete al vostro agente quante più domande possibili , assicuratevi che tutti i dubbi siano stati chiariti prima di procedere con un eventuale contratto e se possibile visitate di persona la sede della compagnia cosí da poter incontrare l’intero team disposto ad aiutarvi durante il vostro soggiorno a Londra.


Are you a true Londoner?

Newcomers probably will not score high, but for those living in London for more than 6 months, we dare you to complete this quiz and see if you could be considered as a true Londoner, knowing ins and outs about this lovely city, its tricks, famous places and memorable dates.


1) Click on the image below to answer the questions.


2) Click here to see the results


Share with us your score!

A service you can trust

We are proud of being a multicultural team, working day-by-day to improve our services and offer an integrated solution to our clients. We always encourage our tenants to share their experience with us, so we can always have an accurate feedback on how we are doing and if the outcome is matching with our client’s high standard requirements.

Mikael Faro

Mikael Faro, TLS client


Mikael Faro is a TLS client for over two years. He has been living in a flat near to all amenities he needs on a daily basis, as well as good connections to buses and tube station. The Italian young guy came to our office in Old Street last week in order to renew his contract and share how satisfied he is: “I am very pleased with everything TLS is offering me. As I am very busy or working most part of the time, when I needed, I’ve easily reported the issue through your online system, which saved me a lot of time”.

He is also more than happy with his flatmates: “My flatmates are amazing. Whenever I can, I enjoy spending a good time or relaxing with them, it’s such a nice experience.”

Thanks to clients like Mikael, Mariana, Victor, Patrick and so many others, we feel excited to continue improving the quality of our services. And you? Would you like to share your experience with us? Let us know!

Buy-to-let: Is it still profitable as an investment?


Back in 1997, the ‘buy-to-let’ mortgage initiative revolutionised the market. It did not take too long for people and advisors to realise that it was a flexible way of saving linked to property purchase with bricks & mortar considered a more stable form of investment. Consequently buy-to-let mortgage products grew in popularity in the years following the millennium and thousands were seduced by the idea of buying a second property and making money from it.

London is currently one of the best locations for a buy-to-let investment in UK. Experts say it will continue to drive the UK rental market in the coming years. In fact in January 2014 buy to let lending increased 11% in volume compared to December. It has produced returns of over 1,200% since 1996, and it has been the outstanding investment of the past years, providing average returns that easily outstrip those of other major asset classes.

As well as a large supply of tenants and higher than average rents, buy-to-let landlords in London can take advantage of the opportunity that living outside of London may mean cheaper rent, but can easily amount up to thousands of pounds in commuting costs. Buy-to-lets in London can exploit their unique position in the capital for quicker commutes.

So the scenario for buy-to-let investors is still positive, as the market still proves itself an outstanding investment with high profits guaranteed.

More Stats: Deloitte  

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How to save money living in London?

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, but it’s certainly not one of the cheapest. Many people wonder how to save money living in London and indeed there are essential tips you can follow.

  • Accommodation

For many people, it’s very difficult to arrive in London and start living in their own flat right away. In this case would be a solution to find a nice flatshare with friendly flat mates. It is often a great way to save some cash and meet cool people within days. Choose for all bills included contracts and don’t worry about further expenses apart from your monthly rent.

  • Travelling & Commuting

Walking is a fun and eco-friendly way to get around London! But if you need to use public transport then consider using an Oyster card with a season ticket rather than buying daily or weekly travel card. Or rely on TLS Group to show you how to save up to 80% of your monthly expenses.

  •  Having fun

There are so many things to do in London and it might seem that all of it is expensive, but having fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Searching on the web you can find a lot of museums, parks, events and activities that are either cheap or totally free.  TLS Clients can also enjoy London with TLS Support.

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Study hard, play hard(er)?

With one of the largest concentrations of universities and higher education institutions in the world, London is certainly an attractive place to study. Its student population of more than 400.000 and 100.000 students from over 200 different nations puts the city at forefront, with more international students than in any other city in the world.

At the same time, studying in a global city like London allows you to enjoy a very exciting social life and establish an international network of friends. It gives as well different opportunities to participate in events outside the classroom.

But how do you keep your student life in balance? One of our tenants shared how his life as a student in London was.

The 23-year-old ex TLS tenant had been admitted in September 2013 for a six months master’s programme at a very prestigious international business school in the city. When asked why he decided to come to London to finish his studies, he promptly told us: “London offers the best of everything – finance, business, fashion, music, arts.”

He also stressed out the fact that life is not only about studying or working and London is ready to provide you with a diverse social life.

“The city never stops”, he says.

Although studying hard on weekdays and facing challenges during the programme, he also kept the balance having fun with his friends, not forgetting about giving some “peace” to his flatmates when partying at his flat.

“I’m fascinated by museums, theatres, shopping and nightlife. I recommend this experience to everyone planning to study abroad”.

Because he was living in a very trendy area (Shoreditch) and staying in one of TLS Group properties, he certainly experienced the most during the period living in London.

How about you? Are you keeping the balance?

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