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Buy-to-let: Is it still profitable as an investment?


Back in 1997, the ‘buy-to-let’ mortgage initiative revolutionised the market. It did not take too long for people and advisors to realise that it was a flexible way of saving linked to property purchase with bricks & mortar considered a more stable form of investment. Consequently buy-to-let mortgage products grew in popularity in the years following the millennium and thousands were seduced by the idea of buying a second property and making money from it.

London is currently one of the best locations for a buy-to-let investment in UK. Experts say it will continue to drive the UK rental market in the coming years. In fact in January 2014 buy to let lending increased 11% in volume compared to December. It has produced returns of over 1,200% since 1996, and it has been the outstanding investment of the past years, providing average returns that easily outstrip those of other major asset classes.

As well as a large supply of tenants and higher than average rents, buy-to-let landlords in London can take advantage of the opportunity that living outside of London may mean cheaper rent, but can easily amount up to thousands of pounds in commuting costs. Buy-to-lets in London can exploit their unique position in the capital for quicker commutes.

So the scenario for buy-to-let investors is still positive, as the market still proves itself an outstanding investment with high profits guaranteed.

More Stats: Deloitte  

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Avoid your property being empty

Source: London Evening Standard

The number of empty homes across London in 2012 was 72,457 for a total worth of £3 billion and most of them in the process of being sold. Selling a property can take several months and sometimes years giving you nothing but losses and costs with maintenance, taxes and lost rental income.

To make the situation even worse, last month Islington Council announced a serious positioning considering the introduction of fines up £60,000 upon owners and landlords that buy new build homes and do not rent out or live in them. This action could be adopted across the city significantly decreasing the number of empty homes, being the council the first to propose this policy to end “buy-to-leave” in new build homes in the borough.

It’s time to act! Sell your property faster by occupying in the meantime

Empty houses sell typically slower and for less money than occupied houses. Our product Sales + is designed for landlords wishing to sell their properties but, at the same time, can’t afford to lose rental income. We can avoid your property being empty by letting it in the meantime and dealing with tenants relocation within our portfolio if you sell your property.

We have special offer designed for you. Contact us today for a FREE valuation!

Picture:  London Evening Standard

Limited offer: Let your property with 0% commission

Are you doing the same things and expecting different results? If the answer is “yes”, you are not getting the most of what you could achieve. TLS Group is known for providing impressive results for our landlords whilst maintaining a professional and dedicated lettings service.


Why choose TLS Group?

  • We are open 7 days a week.
  • We work through huge international database.
  • We organize viewings from 10am till 9pm Monday to Sunday.
  • We arrange viewings within an hour of lead calling through.
  • We have a huge online presence, as seen at:


Hurry up and do something different today. Act now it’s a limited offer!*

* Terms and conditions apply

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Problems renting your property?

“Almost one out of three landlords in the UK have experienced rent arrears over the last six months and over 40% believe they are likely to face rent arrears in 2014” – Property Reporter


With a large number of estate agencies operating in the UK, it becomes more and more difficult to landlords choose the right company to help them finding the best tenants. Unfortunately, what most of the agents are able to guarantee is just a basic credit check which can’t paint the full picture of the applicant. Frequently they are not even prepared to offer a full range of services to support any issue during the tenancy.

However, if a landlord decides to rent a property without any intermediate service becomes even harder to find the right tenant.

There are several different ways to prevent problems. With TLS Group and our guaranteed rent scheme, landlords can rely on:

  • Private tenants: huge database of international professionals and students
  • Weekly inspections at the property through our dedicated property management team
  • No hassle: maintenance, inventory, certificates and transfer of utilities included
  • 24/365 repairs and maintenance system available to all of our tenants
  • We hand your property back to you in the same condition – guaranteed!
  • Peace of mind for years: we can offer you up to 5 years agreement if your property meets our criteria

Quick facts:

  • The number of tenants falling behind with their rent payments has more than doubled over the past six years
  • On a standard two bedroom apartment which is unfurnished, the inventory consists of 50-55 pages. The detail shown on a professional inventory is everything from light fittings and light switches to the insides of cupboards and draws.

Contact us today to see how we can help you boost your monthly incomes as well as have the best tenants ensuring peace of mind for up to five years.

Guaranteed Rent: private tenants?

Recent researches show that high private landlords are increasingly refusing to let property to tenants on benefits. Still, a survey of London landlords conducted by the Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) has found that almost 60% of its members are standing by their housing benefit tenants.

A couple of landlords, Fergus and Judith Wilson, became famous in England a decade ago for plunging into buy-to-let on such large scale – estimated figures, not confirmed by them, say they own between 700 – 1000 properties. The Wilsons said in a recent interview that they are owed £800,000 in rent by hundreds of tenants on benefits.


Source: National Landlords Association  

Unlike many estate agencies in the market, at TLS Group we don’t have tenants on housing benefits. Our database is composed of 90% of young people coming from overseas to London to study or to work.


TLS Group has many years of experience in letting and property management, working with specialists providing excellent services and results to landlords and tenants across London.

Our tenants can rely on our expertise; our portfolio is constantly increasing and we have more than 70 properties throughout London with a maintenance system, supporting them 24/365.

If you are a landlord and your property is located within zones 1-3, we would like to hear from you. We have a 24h free property valuation and we could offer you a guaranteed rental scheme up to 5 years.

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