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A service you can trust

We are proud of being a multicultural team, working day-by-day to improve our services and offer an integrated solution to our clients. We always encourage our tenants to share their experience with us, so we can always have an accurate feedback on how we are doing and if the outcome is matching with our client’s high standard requirements.

Mikael Faro

Mikael Faro, TLS client


Mikael Faro is a TLS client for over two years. He has been living in a flat near to all amenities he needs on a daily basis, as well as good connections to buses and tube station. The Italian young guy came to our office in Old Street last week in order to renew his contract and share how satisfied he is: “I am very pleased with everything TLS is offering me. As I am very busy or working most part of the time, when I needed, I’ve easily reported the issue through your online system, which saved me a lot of time”.

He is also more than happy with his flatmates: “My flatmates are amazing. Whenever I can, I enjoy spending a good time or relaxing with them, it’s such a nice experience.”

Thanks to clients like Mikael, Mariana, Victor, Patrick and so many others, we feel excited to continue improving the quality of our services. And you? Would you like to share your experience with us? Let us know!


Study hard, play hard(er)?

With one of the largest concentrations of universities and higher education institutions in the world, London is certainly an attractive place to study. Its student population of more than 400.000 and 100.000 students from over 200 different nations puts the city at forefront, with more international students than in any other city in the world.

At the same time, studying in a global city like London allows you to enjoy a very exciting social life and establish an international network of friends. It gives as well different opportunities to participate in events outside the classroom.

But how do you keep your student life in balance? One of our tenants shared how his life as a student in London was.

The 23-year-old ex TLS tenant had been admitted in September 2013 for a six months master’s programme at a very prestigious international business school in the city. When asked why he decided to come to London to finish his studies, he promptly told us: “London offers the best of everything – finance, business, fashion, music, arts.”

He also stressed out the fact that life is not only about studying or working and London is ready to provide you with a diverse social life.

“The city never stops”, he says.

Although studying hard on weekdays and facing challenges during the programme, he also kept the balance having fun with his friends, not forgetting about giving some “peace” to his flatmates when partying at his flat.

“I’m fascinated by museums, theatres, shopping and nightlife. I recommend this experience to everyone planning to study abroad”.

Because he was living in a very trendy area (Shoreditch) and staying in one of TLS Group properties, he certainly experienced the most during the period living in London.

How about you? Are you keeping the balance?

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Tenants B-Day

During the whole month, we have delivered special gifts to our tenants having birthday in September.

Check it out what some of them said about their gifts:


Victor Baragas Tordesillas – Spanish
Received tickets to a Comedy Night With Beer For Two

“I am very happy receiving this gift. Next week, I will take advantage of it with my best friend who is coming from Spain. Thank you, TLS Group!”


William Andrade – Portuguese
Received tickets for live Blues and Cocktails For Two at Black Velvet

“I’m very glad to receive this birthday gift, I’m a musician and I like Blues! I’m pretty sure that I’m going to spend a very good time! Thank you, TLS Group!” 


Mariana Batista – Brazilian
Received a voucher to Two Games of Bowling With a Choice of Hotdog, Nachos or Burger for Six

“Thank you, TLS Group for the gift! A bowling game will be my first experience”

Julia Gonzalez – French
Received two tickets to enjoy London Oktoberfest 

“Thank you, TLS Group for this gift! I really appreciate it!”

Tenant of the month: Why organisation is so important?

Once you have decided to share a flat or a house with other people you have to be able to deal with different situations, mainly with a variety of personalities and cultures living under the same roof as you.

Some people literally get used pretty fast when sharing with other 3, 4, 10 flatmates the kitchen, bathrooms and other common areas, but some people definitely can’t deal very well with sharing.

So what’s the best solution in this case?

Face it: if you don’t like sharing don’t even consider it as a good idea. On the other hand, if you really enjoy living together with other flatmates, you have to follow the rules and make sure your colleagues are on the same page, otherwise your house will become a mess. Common sense is not an easy task when you live with too many people.

Filipe de Melo, one of TLS’ tenants is a great example to all people currently sharing flats and houses. He is living in a flat with fifteen flatmates from different nationalities such as Japanese, English, Greek, French and he is taking care of the property where he lives.

Filipe blog

The 31-year-old Portuguese Sound Engineer decided to take ownership of all issues surrounding the common areas in the property in order to solve problems quickly and live in a good atmosphere. He became a sort of “property leader” bringing some ideas on how to live better in community. “When I moved in to this property in November, the tenants living there were very messy people, without any organisation” he mentioned to our marketing department during the interview for the Tenant of the Month.

Filipe added “because of the bad behaviour of the tenants, the kitchen was a Filipe 3mess. They didn’t respect the shelves on the fridge or followed any rule. When you are living together with other people, you have to be organised”.

The solution led by Filipe and another flatmate was to create spreadsheets and notes to all the tenants, placing on the common areas – mainly kitchen. This change was substantial to change even their relationship with each other for better. “We have a Japanese lady living with us and eventually she makes sushi for us. The relationship with my flatmates are amazing now, we hang out together and we are now very organised”, says Filipe.

To sum up, the organisation at the property you will live depend essentially on how you and your flatmates will handle the common areas.

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