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10 amazing items from unusual shops

You probably know already the best tourist attractions including a list containing tons of must-see shops to go and shop till you have no money left, right? Wicked! Officially: “Welcome to London.”

Fortunately we love diversity and uniqueness, so what you will see in this article is a very special wishlist made for those looking for unusual and special shops throughout the city.

Click here to see our wishlist


How to get THE perfect job?

United Kingdom unemployment rate decreased to 6.6% in the first three months of 2014. Especially in London, the job market has nearly ten times more vacancies than other UK cities with 25,000 Londoners employed between October and December 2013.

Different reasons encourage people to seek a new job, switch careers, or consider a new move. Apart from a positive scenario, what most people forget about is how to be fully prepared to win job search competition. With hundreds of candidates applying for the same vacancy, it becomes crucial to stand out from the crowd.

TLS recruitment department has pointed out how to have the essential preparation when looking for a dream job. “Not only in UK and Spain, but also in international markets some common mistakes are still key factor when deciding who is the right candidate,” said our HR Recruitment Manager.

CV: Keep it simple

Clearly there is no “right or wrong” when writing your CV, but you should be able to concentrate all information in two pages at most. Create a resume showing at a glance your qualifications, skills, and suitability for positions you are applying for.

CV formats also vary and could be very advantageous if you create a video, PowerPoint presentation, or use a professional website (e.g Behance, DevianArt,, etc) to support your standard “Word CV”.

Golden rule: never lie or try to show off too much

Don’t be afraid, cover letters are cool

Your covering letter should be a supporting document not a copy of your CV; neither have a generic content on it, nor address to the wrong person. When writing your covering letter bear in mind the following aspects:

  • Mention the position you are applying for and how did you hear about the company/vacancy
  • Outline why you are suitable for the role, trying to match with any of your previous experiences
  • Explain why do you want to work for that company and make yourself available to discuss your qualifications in detail

Golden rule: fully understand job requirements before creating a tailor made covering letter

Use keywords but don’t be a superhero

Recruiters receive tons of CVs, so use keywords they are looking for – you know it by reading company’s job spec – avoiding overusing it. Don’t exaggerate.

Golden rule: double check grammar mistakes in your CV before sending it

Be prepared and do your homework

Even though it sounds cliché, it’s a fact that most candidates don’t research about company’s profile and background. Once you are the one knowing more about the company compared to other candidates, it will show interest to recruiters. By doing it, you are not just preparing yourself for the interview but you can also find out if this is the right company for you. Oh, and don’t forget – please – to study your own CV; last thing you need is demonstrate that you are not prepared to talk about your own professional background.

Golden rule: at face-to-face interviews consider your main accomplishments during your career trying to show how it can bring value to the company

Be different

Ask questions, be proud of what you have accomplished in your career so far, dress to impress, and be inquisitive, creating a dialogue that allows you to show your personality and skills in more detail.

Golden rule: follow up your interview with a brief courtesy/thank you email confirming your interest